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We have been helping our clients to build bridges to success for more than 30 years

We have over 30 years experience in helping international clients such as Johnson and Johnson, Fed Ex, Hilton Hotels, Harley Davidson, Columbia Pictures, GSK, Pfizer, Adidas and many others to achieve their goals faster and solve problems easier. In addition, our clients have included many progressive smaller businesses and startups.


Benefit from an outside consultant’s fresh perspective and new Ideas

Businesses benefit by having an outside expert bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to their firms. We begin by listening to what our clients really want to achieve then devise proposals to help them. We can assist with many business needs, including business plan reviews, problem solving and brainstorming for new ideas and innovations.


Wide knowledge and clear perspective

With a wide range of experience in many sectors and areas of business, we are uniquely able to see and understand the broad and complete picture. At the same time, we give attention to the many specific business functions and how they relate to the whole picture.

In over 30 years we have developed extensive knowledge of proven strategies for success for any situation. We use this knowledge to help our clients achieve successful outcomes faster and easier.


Building a bridge between the east and west

Alan Craig Business Consulting is also uniquely able to create a bridge between the different business cultures of east and west. We have extensive experience working in the America, Canada, Great Britain, and other Western countries, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe, including Slovakia and Russia.

Our team of experts includes native speakers of English, Russian and Slovak languages who have a deep knowledge of cultural customs and business practices. We have helped many clients in Europe to successfully make deals with businesses in Britain, America and other Western countries.

Clients have been surprised by the great terms and better prices they received from foreign suppliers as a result of our contacts and assistance with negotiations. Our native speakers have special knowledge of cultural business traditions and also excellent communication abilities, which provides a huge advantage to our clients.

In addition, we have helped solve many logistical challenges and problems with importing or exporting. We have also prevented many mistakes and misunderstandings between suppliers and customers.


Based in Slovakia to conveniently serve Central and Eastern Europe

Consulting services are available in Slovakia, as well as Central and Eastern Europe, for large corporations, startups and even small businesses.

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